Sunday, March 9, 2014

Craftsman Socket Racks

Finding that Socket Gets Easier When They're Organized on Craftsman Racks

If your toolbox contains a screwdriver or two, pliers, a hammer and roll of duct tape; organizing "all" that stuff probably isn't much of a problem. Me, I'm nearer the opposite end of the spectrum: I've got drawers filled with sockets in my tool chest in ¼", ⅜", and ½" drive; both SAE and metric units; six and twelve-point and regular vs. deep-well. I do still have the duct tape, though. Hunting for a specific socket out of the dozens in those drawers would be more frustrating if I didn't have a lot of them organized on several Craftsman Socket Racks. I've got separate racks for ⅜" drive metric and SAE sets, separated by standard and deep-well. It makes life that much easier.


Each rack is made of of a chrome-plated steel strip about ¾" wide, with a vinyl-covered handle set at a slight angle at the end. There's a hole at the other end so you can hang the rack on a pegboard or nail. There are fourteen spring-steel clips wrapped around the strip, each ending in a square prong that will hold a ⅜" drive socket by friction. The whole rack, including handle, is a bit less than seventeen inches long; the strip itself is thirteen inches long. A bold ⅜  is etched into the handle for people who store multiple drive sizes.

The clips slide around so you can arrange your sockets by size. Just snap them onto the rack in order, spreading out clips as necessary. Tip the socket sideways to release it from the rack , which leaves a gap that makes it easy sideways to see which one's missing when returning a socket. Hmmm.... Now where did that ¾-inch deep-well get to?

Standard and deep-well sockets 
Sears sells sets of two racks like these for all three standard drive sizes. The shaft bends a little more easily than I prefer, but I don't expect carbon-steel for just six bucks or so. They're rather bulky for fitting into a shallow drawer, but they hold my sockets securely. A great advantage is that it's easy to pick up a full socket set at once instead of having to sort through loose sockets.


PLUS: excellent, inexpensive way to organize socket sets
MINUS: flimsy construction, bulky
WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: Craftsman socket racks are a simple and effective way to keep your small tools organized.
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