Thursday, March 6, 2014

Gutter Getter Scoop

Gutters Full of Goop? Get a Gutter Getter

As much as we appreciate the trees around our house, sometimes I hate their beringed guts. One such time is the day I have to cleaning piles of leaves and twigs out of our gutters. Our house has a hip roof and a detached garage with a porte cochère; and by my conservative estimate there are about four million linear feet of gutter collecting leaves from a pair of huge (and beautiful) live oaks in the open space behind us. The previous owners (ptui!) apparently never cleaned the gutters, which was made obvious by the water pouring over the rims with out first big rain (two inches, four days after the move-in).

Thank goodness I have a Gutter Getter!

Gutter Getter's just a bright red plastic scoop that's designed to scoop the goop (rotted leaves plus whatever lives in there) out of gutters. It's around seventeen inches long, five of which is handle, and tapers from three inches at the tip to about half that wide near the handle. The scoop tapers from 2½" deep at the tip to 4" deep at the handle.

That design's exactly what's needed for that nasty job of cleaning gutters:

• the tip's flexible so it conforms to agutter's shape
• the front end's low profile allows the scoop to slide under gutter mounts
• the handle's mounted high, which keeps hands out of the muck and reduces scrapes
• the wedge shape makes it easier to pull out a Gutter Getter full of crud

Brand new Gutter Getters have a wrist strap on the handle and volume markings; though you can't tell it by mine: it's scraped and scratched and its strap is long since gone. Believe me when I say it's tough, though; since mine is on its third house. It helps to have the companion Gutter Grabber, which extends your reach and gets at the small debris at the bottom of the trough.

Your gutters need to be cleaned periodically even if there are guards on them - none of those systems is foolproof. When you need to clean your gutters, you need one of these!

Extend your reach with the other half of Working Products' gutter cleaning system clutched firmly in your other hand: a Gutter Grabber debris retriever will do the trick.

PLUS: easy to use, designed specifically for this task
MINUS: requires frequent ladder shifts
WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: Even if you have gutter guards, you need to clean your gutters regularly. A Gutter Getter takes part of the "ick factor" out of the job.

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