Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Stanley 28-100 Mini Scraper

Every Home Needs a Mini-Scraper or Two

Unless you're a one-percenter who has white glove-clad staff dogging your every footstep, you'll leave a mess behind every so often. Some of them will be sticky, and Murphy's Lay says a few will certainly dry before being cleaned up, which means scraping them off. You don't have maids to do the dirty work, so who you gonna call? You call your Stanley 28-100 Mini Scraper.

Razor-blade scrapers are favorites for light cleanup after painting or puttying a window,  removing a dried-on spill from a glass cooktop (a glass cooktop is an affront to cuisine, but that's another problem), and other light duty. Stanley's version is a tiny scraper a hair wider than a single-edge razor blade (nominal width 1½") and, with blade inserted, is just slightly longer, at 1¾". The PVC handle includes a little hole for hanging on a nail or adding a lanyard. 

The handle is two parts that unfold like fat scissors to sandwich a single-edge blade in one end, with a friction clasp on the other end to keep it closed. Opening it to change the blade is quick and simple, then it latches with a positive SNAP! When you're done scraping, you can open it again to reverse the blade, covering the sharp side to prevent accidental removal of fingerprints while rummaging your junk drawer. 

Of course, something this little isn't very useful for big jobs, but it's ideal for that quick cleanup and remove sticky stuff from hard surfaces. With good hand control, you can scrape a drip off a painted surface or other soft face. 

The label may say "Stanley," but the same Chinese-made scraper can be found under many other brand names (including the Unger STMIN and Harbor Freight 96559); and in colors ranging from basic black to Stanley's screaming yellow. You can even find a version with a plastic blade for scraping off stick-on labels. 

At under $2.00 each, you can do what the Toolman does with these scrapers: keep two or three of them strategically located in kitchen and workshop so one's always close at hand when you need it.

Summary: The frequent intersection of sticky substances with hard surfaces means you need a mini razor blade scraper around the house.

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