Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wooster 11 in. Plastic Tray Liner

Cleanup After Finish Jobs is a Joy with Wooster Paint Tray Liners (Well, Almost)

The world of do-it-yourselfers separates into two schools: some finish and hate to build, the rest build and hate to finish. I'm a member of school number 2: I will gladly make sawdust all day long, but when it comes time for finishing, I’m perfectly happy to leave it to someone else. Makes no difference whether it's paint, varnish, stain, shellac. Me no likey. On the other hand, my wife belongs to school one, the finishers. We have a match made in Heaven.

Every once in while, I still get stuck wielding brush or roller. When that happens, I reach for a paint tray and add in a Wooster Tray Liner. If there’s anything thing I hate more than finishing, it’s cleaning up afterwards; paint tray liners cut that chore down to size.

It's a thin, flexible, clear plastic liner made to fit my Wooster R402 steel tray. It's 16 inches long, 11 inches wide, and as much as 2 inches deep (there are different liners that fit the 13-inch Wooster R405 tray). These solvent-resistant liners are recycled polyethylene (PETE), made in the USA. They're flexible enough to resist cracking. The custom fit for Wooster's trays means a lip that wraps over the edges and a herringbone pattern for rolling out excess paint, like pattern printed on the tray bottom.

We use these for both oil and latex paint, interior and exterior, and other products  such as a chemical cleaner and sealer for natural stone. The liners last through the job, and when you’re done you toss the liner instead of the tray. You get to feel good about it because you don't use water for cleanup every day. Our tray’s been used multiple times inside and out, not to mention the stone-sealing job, and there are only a few visible dabs of paint.

If there’s a finish job in your future, pick up a Wooster paint tray and a half dozen of these liners: you’ll be glad you did.

Pros: recycled, saves water, extends life of tray
Cons: You have to paint to need one: Yuck.

Summary: If you must paint (why should anyone have to?), Wooster Paint Tray Liners make cleanup a snap. Well, part of it, anyway...

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