Monday, July 6, 2015

In a Tight Spot? That’s Where You Need Some Finger-Bit Screwdrivers

Titan 3-Piece Finger Bit Screwdriver Set

All you toolheads out there have heard someone say, "A thousand clamps is a good start." The same adage works for screwdrivers: just when you think you have a screwdriver for every situation, a different screw proves you’re wrong. So I'm quite likely to buy the next weird screwdriver design when I have the chance. That’s the main reason I have a Titan 3-Piece Finger Bit Screwdriver Set


Unlike a traditional screwdriver with its long handle and integral shank, a finger bit design is stubbier than the stubbiest screwdriver in your toolbox. Each driver consists of a 1” disk about ½” thick with a 1-inch cylinder centered in the disk. The cylinder has a female hex socket on one end and a female ¼-inch drive socket on the other. The disk’s rim has a diamond pattern for better grip. The whole assembly is somewhere about the size of a ping-pong ball, and all told weighs maybe 1¼ ounces. 

What’s Included

The set (Titan’s stock number 32958) includes three drivers in different colors (mine were red, gold and blue - the blue one seems to have disappeared...). There are also three bits included: a #2 Phillips, a ¼” slotted bit, and a ¼-inch square-drive for small sockets. They’re standard hex-shank bits that can be picked up at any hardware. When you have a screwdriver bit in place, the whole package is a little more than 1½” tall, much shorter than a stubby screwdriver. The bit drivers have magnets inside to keep the bits from slipping out. You can use a screwdriver as small as this in some pretty tight places. 

Using Finger Bit Drivers

A screwdriver like this obviously isn’t meant for heavy-duty work: the bits are small and the “handle” is nowhere near the size of one on a regular screwdriver. They are just fine for light-, even moderate-duty work. The rough edge allows quite a lot of torque, enough that few screws can defeat them. For a good price, a Finger Bit Screwdriver is good to have in your toolbox for when you can't... grunt! quite... ugh! reach that screw around the corner behind the washing machine. Get a set! 


Plus: fits in tight places yet still generates plenty of torque
Minus: small enough to lose quickly
What They’re Saying: Next time you’re trying to slide a screwdriver into an impossible-to-reach spot, you’ll think of finger bit screwdrivers and wish you'd bought some.

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