Monday, March 10, 2014

Akro-Mils Keep Boxes

I Think I'll Keep These Boxes 

There's somebody around this house who's, let's just say, "acquisitive." Over a couple of decades, that somebody's collected references and resources for all sorts of activities and lessons. Happily, that someone is pretty well-organized, and all these years has kept the stuff in collections. Some collections are pretty extensive, most are downright eclectic. For instance, who do you know who has a collection of snakeskins or an owl wing? Most collections are kept in handy containers, an Akro-Mils design called Keep Boxes.


Keep Boxes are made of thick, translucent plastic with attached hinged lids. The lids are two heavy-weight plastic leaves that interlock, closing securely and providing a solid enough surface that you can make a stack several boxes high. Ours are all the twelve-gallon size, or around 1.6 cubic feet. Overall, it's 21½"long by 15" wide and 12½" deep. The sides slant slightly so the bottom is smaller than the top and fits into the flat, closed lid. Both ends are shaped to form large handles.

The box is a great design: besides secure closure and the ability to stack, they nest when they're empty and the lids are open. The translucent sides let you to see the contents, and there are flat surfaces on ends and sides for pasting on labels. If you have concerns about tampering with the contents, you can put a seal, cable tie, or even a small padlock through holes in the lids and rim. It's not much of a theft preventive, but you can see if it's been opened unsupervised.


No matter how sturdy, they're still plastic so use common sense when filling and stacking them: a tub full of bricks on top of a half-filled tub of yarn probably isn't wise; but light boxes on top of heavier boxes should be fine. When they're stacked, keep boxes are sturdy enough to move five at a time with a two-wheeler.

If the clear and teal color scheme doesn't float your boat, Akro-Mils sells a festive red and white model for holiday storage.

These boxes are lightweight and sturdy enough for heavy items, yet tough enough to protect delicate items. They stack securely when filled nut take up very little space when empty. One thing to keep in mind is that the plastic becomes rather brittle when cold. Don't let sharp and heavy items slide around while being moved, or they might punch through a side. With those warnings in mind, a Keep Box makes top-notch storage for acquiring minds!


PLUS: stack when full or empty, secure, spacious
MINUS: plastic can be brittle, especially when cold
WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: A collection of Akro-Mils Keep Boxes is just what you need to keep organized.

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