Thursday, August 6, 2015

You’re Your Own Locksmith with Kwikset’s SmartKey System

Kwikset Smartkey System

Not long ago, we did what most Americans seem to do every five years or so: we moved into a new house. Although it’s the sixth home-buying trip for us, this time we did something for the first time: We changed all the door locks. You would have too, if you’d seen the dude been living there (the previous owner’s son-in-law – we think).

The three outside doors and the fourth into the garage all have deadbolts, and three of them also have locking knobs. The sellers turned over three keys, claiming that was all they had. The people had five kid, but only three keys? I became more concerned by the minute. No question I was changing the locks – the problem was how to get all seven locks keyed to the same key.