Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Craftsman Wrench Holders

Combination Wrench Organization in a Small Package

Question: What do you give the man who has everything?
Answer: Something to keep it in.

That’s an excellent idea, especially when you think of tools in general and hand tools in specific. Case in point might be one of those mechanic’s tool set with a thousand wrenches, every one of which immediately migrates to the bottom of the tool chest. And the one you want is always lurking beneath all the others. It's easy to avoid that syndrome with a Craftsman Wrench Holder, one more cunningly crafted piece of plastic (and therefore recyclable, too).


This is a wedge-shaped doodad about a foot long, tapering from 6" wide to maybe 2½ inches. The topmost 2" form a handle, the rest of the rack makes a triangle with raised edges. A dozen pair of notches are evenly spaced along the sides, each successive pair cut a little deeper and a little farther apart.

The notches are set up to carry around 12 Craftsman combination wrenches, ranging from 1/4" and to 7/8" in 1/16" steps. Every slot is marked with the proper size. Craftsman makes their wrench handles with a thicker section in the middle, so wrenches only slide left and right a little in those slots. The openings are wide enough that once the shaft snaps in, the wrenches can’t slide out. The rack also has metric labels for wrenches in the range of 7 to 18 mm, so you'll probably two.

Using the Holder

After it's filled a holder fits just right in the 3" drawers of my tool chest. Older versions of the rack came with two keyholes so you could hang them, but I don't see that on the newer version.

Buyers should be aware that this is specifically designed for a set of Craftsman combination wrenches. Standard-length tools from other brands will fit lengthwise, but a Gearwrench or Snap-On wrench handle is a different shape, so non-Craftsman wrenches will slide around in the slots. Sometimes they slip far enough that a combo's box end may slide out. Other brands aren’t necessarily as thick, either, and don’t snap in like Craftsman wrenches. That shouldn't matter if you hang the racks, but it would in a drawer.

If you've bought sets of Craftsman combos, these are definitely worth the price, considering how well they organize your wrenches. They do take up more room than leaving the wrenches loose, and they're not well-suited if you have other brands of wrenches.


PLUS: great organizers for SAE or metric wrenches
MINUS: only fit Craftsman wrenches correctly
WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: Do you have Craftsman combination wrenches? If you get tired of digging through your toolbox searching for the right size, consider a Craftsman wrench holder.

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