Friday, March 7, 2014

Master Magnetics Mini Magnet Sweeper

A Pickup Line for Every Workshop

My lawyer tells me that no job is finished until the paperwork is done; but for people with shop projects, the job isn't finished until cleanup is complete. That includes putting away your tools and picking up dropped fasteners and scraps before you sweep. If you’re like me, you leave nails and screws spread around the shop, because it’s easier to pull a replacement from the apron than it is to crawl after dropped ones. Cleanup is when you rescue the leftovers, and what better way than to use a magnet? You won’t even have to bend over when you spot another nail!

I have two pickups: one’s a Magnetic Mini Sweeper, a magnetic bar fourteen inches long in an aluminum housing that's set on an axle with 4" wheels. That's mounted to a telescoping handle, maximum 30" long. Roll this baby across the floor, and a powerful permanent magnet captures  nails, screws, and other snippets of steel or iron. It works for carpet tacks, staples, washers, nuts, and the like; plus drywall screws and nails. It easily picks up fasteners and small tools such as wrenches or screwdrivers. You can pick the magnet clean by hand to remove large items, or wipe it clean with a rag or gloved hand to get small scraps.

The big wheels work outside in short grass or over bare dirt, and inside or out on a hard surface or carpet. It’s great for cleaning indoors before you run the sweeper on carpets. It also works for reaching under the workbench or car to retrieve dropped tools, though its size limits access to tight spots.

This is definitely a light-duty model, and should not be confused with the magnetic roller roofers use to clean the yard after a job. For ordinary do-it-yourselfers, though, this makes an excellent addition to any workshop’s cleanup regimen.

PLUS: clean up inside or out then your project's finished
MINUS: bulky for tight spaces
WHAT THEY'RE SAYING: A magnetic sweeper should be part of any shop's cleanup routine. A roller model like this makes the step easier.

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